Saturday, January 21, 2006

Today was an adventure selling in the antique world.
Worked at
selling today.
Met some interesting people from all over the map who were visiting SF Ca.
Sold an Egg Set to a couple from Boston.
Now what is an Sterling Silver Egg Set?
It is four cups for soft boiled eggs with four spoons and a small bowl for who knows..
The whole thing has structured silver design that all of the parts fit into and you then can carry like a little basket with a handle.
The Set was made in 1800's by Henry Green an English Silversmith.
You could tell he put care into his work. Beautifully crafted and designed.
The cup parts and spoon bowls were all gilded gold.
My second introduction to selling antiques was fun.
Except I could not get their ancient credit card machine to work.
They have one of those old plastic press and slide versions.

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