Saturday, August 16, 2014

23 sterling silver belt buckles hand wrought

CEO commissioned 23 Belt-buckle for his board and managers.
Hand pieced and Hand-wrought. 
Logo on hammered belt buckle.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Coffee pot needed work after a bad happening. How? I annealed many times. I was looking for any cracking while moving metal, especially around fold in body. I lucked out and did not have any crack. I did how every have 4 pin holes in the chasing. All and all I am pleased it actually worked with no cracking.

Monday, April 15, 2013

I have not posted in several months. The reason is the privacy policy I have with some of my clients. Museum and Private Collectors to not show what I have restored or conserved for them. I have been busy with many restoration projects and remaking of old jewelry into new jewelry for clients. My new business of Argentum and the Leopard's Head has been exciting for my customers who have consigned things to sell and for me.

This is a pair of 18K white gold glasses with 14k rose gold screws. I like using 14k rose gold because it has more of a rose color than 18k, plus it is harder and works well for the mechanics.
I was commissioned to make these to match an antique pair of glasses that were made of horn.
I am working on a new pair of glasses for myself.  They are sterling.  
Rare Vanderslice Cruet Set. It is a mechanically well crafted. It has a long tube that goes down the center which also serves as the connection to the handle to pick up the set. There are two parts on the base, one the stand and the other the plate the crystal sits upon. There is a cylinder that fits into another cylinder between the two discs that make up the base allowing the turning. The tubing is held into place by a larger tube with a nut underneath the two silver discs.  It was made in San Francisco in 1858. Style is Renaissance Revival>

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I started with 18 gauge sheet silver, 12 inches by 17 inches.  I used sandbag and steel stakes and hammers to make this piece. My hands were part of the moving. I often bend the metal with my hands or by stepping on it, if it is too hard to move by hand.  I love the curves of sea shells and waves. Sometimes I draw with pencil and paper before I start, to see curves, other times I will have in my minds eye what I want to hammer . I often spend time daydreaming the shape in all of its angles and curves. I can turn and move the image in my mind. I do not use a computer for this process. Other times, I take walks by the ocean, feel the movement of the waves or see the movement of the sand under my feet. Noticing how the rocks are smoothed by waves creating bowls of their own.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

How to hand polish Silver with gold accents and gilded gold on Antique Silver.
Wrights polish is gentle hand polish I use for things that need special care.
I did find out that Hagerty's does put ammonia in their product. You do need ventilation when using Hagerty's. Cape Code Polish has petroleum product in it. So be care with any of these products. Wrights is non toxic. 
These are the three polishes I use for Hand Polishing. I do have ventilation and use it when working with toxic products. Please use rubber gloves. Use gloves that do not have patterns in them, smooth gloves are best.  Soft towels can be bought at any Auto Supply Shop. If you do use paper towels, I prefer Bounty. Blot the paper towel, do not rub dry. Even a paper towel can scratch Silver. Soft towels used for Auto Detailing will not scratch your silver.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Samurai conservation before and after: Short film shows the incrustations from being in the sea for close to half a century. This came from a shipwreck, whose Captain collected Asian Art. There were some interesting small 12 inches metal figures. This one had Bronze Disease and was crusted over hiding the beautiful textures on the flowing robe. Thanks to the Objects Director of the deYoung, Elisabeth Cornu, for her direction and knowledge. The Samurai emerged.

Monday, June 04, 2012