Sunday, February 12, 2006

This week has been interesting. It seems work comes in waves. Right now I am inundated with work.
Old Sheffied Plate Candelabra to restore. And a Pitcher that was presented to a Captain of a Ship that went down at the Cape.
The whole story will be published soon. The Pitcher was found in Florida. I will take a picture for the blog.
And a bunch more stuff to clean and restore.
I am being taken from my own Silver work. I contemplated today. The question, is it better to restore and have the time for my own creative work? or is it better to make a line and then have time for the creative work?
Who knows. I have chosen the first and whether it is better to mass produce or do something else to buy time for Art.
I think, it depends upon how or if it takes away the creative passion. If it does, then it does not work.
This is the age old question.

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