Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I started with 18 gauge sheet silver, 12 inches by 17 inches.  I used sandbag and steel stakes and hammers to make this piece. My hands were part of the moving. I often bend the metal with my hands or by stepping on it, if it is too hard to move by hand.  I love the curves of sea shells and waves. Sometimes I draw with pencil and paper before I start, to see curves, other times I will have in my minds eye what I want to hammer . I often spend time daydreaming the shape in all of its angles and curves. I can turn and move the image in my mind. I do not use a computer for this process. Other times, I take walks by the ocean, feel the movement of the waves or see the movement of the sand under my feet. Noticing how the rocks are smoothed by waves creating bowls of their own.

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