Tuesday, October 02, 2012

How to hand polish Silver with gold accents and gilded gold on Antique Silver.
Wrights polish is gentle hand polish I use for things that need special care.
I did find out that Hagerty's does put ammonia in their product. You do need ventilation when using Hagerty's. Cape Code Polish has petroleum product in it. So be care with any of these products. Wrights is non toxic. 
These are the three polishes I use for Hand Polishing. I do have ventilation and use it when working with toxic products. Please use rubber gloves. Use gloves that do not have patterns in them, smooth gloves are best.  Soft towels can be bought at any Auto Supply Shop. If you do use paper towels, I prefer Bounty. Blot the paper towel, do not rub dry. Even a paper towel can scratch Silver. Soft towels used for Auto Detailing will not scratch your silver.

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